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Haruhisa Handa (半田 晴久, Haruhisa Handa, born 18 March 1951) is a Japanese religious leader and a businessman. Handa is the Chairman and spiritual leader of the Shinto-based religion World Mate. He is also known by the name Toshu Fukami Toshu Fukami (深見 東州, Tōshū Fukami) in his artistic career, as well as the pen name Toto Ami Toto Ami (戸渡阿見, Toto Ami). He also uses the pseudonym Leonardo Toshu (レオナルド東州, Leonarudo Tōshū), which is used as his radio personality.
Handa is the founder of the Japanese Blind Golf Association. He is a chancellor and professor of the University of Cambodia, a professor of Japan Culture Research Institute at Zhejiang Gongshang University, and an honorary consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Fukuoka, Japan.

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